SME Investment Fund

Al Arabi Investment Group (AB Invest) performs the duties of the Investment Manager on behalf of the Banks Management Company owned by the Commercial Banks Company for Investing in Companies and the Islamic Banks Group for Investing in Companies. The Commercial Banks Company for investing in companies was established by 15 commercial banks operating in Jordan with a capital of 100 million Jordanian Dinars, while the Islamic Banks Group for Investing in Companies was established by 3 Islamic banks operating in Jordan with a capital of 25 million Jordanian Dinars. AB Invest seeks, on behalf of the Banks Management Company, to invest in Jordan’s robust and growing small and medium-sized companies that have the potential to grow by providing them with the necessary tools to institutionalize their businesses and improve competitiveness.  

Investments are made via acquiring significant minority equity stakes in sectors with distinct competitive advantages, export and expansion potential including. The investment holding period may be up to ten years during which the fund manager will actively participate in the value enhancement at each company and help achieve the targeted growth goals.

To date, AB Invest has completed 9 investments in companies operating in industries such as healthcare, education, information and communication technology, tourism, food and medicine, logistics and manufacturing.