Company Profile

Al Arabi Investment Group Co. “AB Invest”, based in Amman – Jordan, is the wholly owned investment banking arm of Arab Bank plc, and is licensed and regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC).

Established in 1996 as the first independent investment banking firm in Jordan, AB Invest pioneered integrated investment banking services that include asset management, brokerage, investment banking, and more recently, private equity.

AB Invest gives its retail and institutional clients access to local, regional and international markets through its Brokerage Department, and provides pooled MENA investment opportunities through its Asset Management Department, offering both conventional and Sharia compliant investment solutions to its discretionary and non-discretionary clients. AB Invest’s Investment Banking Department offers services including financial advisory, business valuation and issuance management, among others. AB Invest recently formed a Private Equity Department that invests in small and medium sized Jordanian businesses.