Customer Service
Business Summary

AB Invest’s Customer Service Department serves the Asset Management and Brokerage Departments’ new and existing clients. The Customer Service Department provides an array of services including opening accounts, updating client information, and answering client inquiries, to name a few. Please review the list of services the Customer Department provides below:

  • Opening brokerage accounts for individual and institutional clients and the local, regional and international capital markets
  • Updating clients’ account information on local, regional and international markets
  • Handling clients’ requests for issuing cheques
  • Handling clients’ requests to make internal or external wire transfers
  • Handling clients’ requests to withdraw shares from the Securities Depository Center (SDC)
  • Handling clients’ requests to release shares from their portfolio to the Securities Depository Center (SDC)
  • Sending clients’ statements of their portfolios and brokerage transactions and invoices
  • Following up on buy/sell invoices
  • Answering clients’ inquiries about their accounts or the services and products provided by the Asset Management and Brokerage Departments.

To view the list of Settlement Instructions, please click the following link: Settlement Instructions


Account Reporting Service:

Through Account Reporting Service, you can extract reports of your investment portfolios and statements of your accounts in local, regional, and international markets to evaluate and keep track of your trading performance across the markets, to acces the service please click the following link: Account Reporting Service