ASE Online Brokerage

With AB Invest ArabiJo, online execution services and access to the listed equities on Amman Stock Exchange is provided, as well as a wide range of tools and features that enables up to date trading and account follow up, all from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Benefit from a host of new and upgraded features and enjoy a unique trading experience.

With AB Invest ArabiJo you can:

- Place orders directly on the ASE.

- Access your ASE brokerage account with AB Invest directly from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

- Manage your risk related to different orders types.

- Manage transactions, open orders, setting new transactions and closing open positions.

- Benefit from trading and investment features with a simplified user interface.

- Track your performance, view your account balance and the details of your portfolio.

- Live trading through comprehensive live charts of market performance.

- Monitor market activity and trade with real-time quotes.


AB Invest is licensed and regulated by the Jordan Securities Commissions and Amman Stock Exchange.

Terms and Conditions apply,